Port Information

Port and Terminal Information

This information includes:

  1. - Statia Lat/Long Location
  2. - Harbor Master VHF Channel
  3. - Statia Terminal Port Information Booklet
  4. - Chart of Statia Harbor
  5. - Chart of Harbor Breakwater
  6. - St. Eustatius Statement of Compliance
  7. -International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port FAcilities (ISPS Code)


The island of St. Eustatius is located at:

  1. -17 degrees 30.0 minutes NORTH
  2. -63 Degrees 00.0 minutes WEST

Harbor Master

Contact the Harbor Master at VHF Channel: 14 or 16.

Statia Terminal Port Information Booklet

For customer convenience, we provide an extract of the Statia Terminal Port Information Booklet which describes Terminal Equipment, Harbor Navigation, Environmental Conditions at St. Eustatius, and Communications procedures.

Statia Harbor Chart

Download or view the Statia Harbor Chart. This is a PDF file and is 660KB in size. You must have Adobe Reader to view this chart. You can download it here

Harbor Breakwater Chart

Download or view the Statia Harbor Breakwater Chart. This is a PDF file and is 227KB in size. You must have Adobe Reader to view this chart. You can download it here

Airport Information

The following data is for planning purposes only. St. Eustatius Port Services does not guarantee that this information is up-to-date. Data provided includes:

  1. - Airport Characteristics,
  2. - Available Service from Airport, and
  3. - Instrument Approach chart (not for navigation, for planning purposes only).

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt airport on St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles was designated as airport of entry in 1971 according to article 10 of the Chicago convention of characteristics.


Characteristics Data
ICAO Designator TNCE
Location of Airport 17.29.30 N 62.58.32W
Airport Elevation 128.9 ft
Runway Numbers 06 / 24
Elevation Runway 06 128.9 ft
Elevation Runway 24 94.6 ft
Declared Distances Rwy 06 1300 Mtrs / 4625 Ft
Declared Distances Rwy 24 1300 Mtrs / 4365 Ft
Blast Area 06/24 30 Mtrs
Runway Classification Number PCN 20/F/B/W/T
Runway Width 30 Meters
Runway Shoulders 3 Meters
Apron 50 Mtrs/ 120 Mtrs
Visual Ground Aids Runway Numbers
Runway Centreline
Windsock Rwy 06 Left Side
Windsock Rwy 24 Right Side
Windsock at Rwy 06 Illuminated
Lighting Aids Simple Approach
Runway Lights
Runway Ends
Lights, Runway Edge Lights
Taxiway Edge Lights
N D B PJE - 235 KHZ
Aerodrome Beacon Light White/Green
PAPI's On Left Side of Rwy 06
AFIS Communication 118.1 Mhz
Available Services Immigration
Mobile Fire Fighting Equipment Category 5
Types of Operations Schedule, Non-Schedule and General Aviation
Cargo Handling & Aircraft Catering Killy Killy Ground Services
Airport Operational Hours 11.00 UTC To 01.00 UTC
Landing Charges 0-3 Tonne - Naf. 18.00 or US $10.00 Minimum
Over 3 tonnes - Naf. 5.00 or US $.282 per tonnage
Security Charges
payable by Aircraft Operator or Company
Naf 2.0 or US $1.13 per passenger
Departure Tax
payable by Passenger
Naf 21.60 US $12.00 International OR
Naf 10.00 US $5.65 Domestic
Aircraft Hangers Not Available
Fuel and Oil Nil
After Airport Operational Hour (01.00 UTC) (on request only) Naf 100.00 or US $55.55 per hour

Available Service From Airport

Taxis and Rental Cars - Naf. 75 or US $50 per day
Hotels: King's Well Resort, Old Gin House, Golden Era Hotel, La Maison Sur La Plage, Country Inn Hotel, Henriquez Inn.

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